Introducing the IoT Forum

Members of the IoT Forum meet regularly to discover technologies, products, services and new companies that have potential to impact their industries.

The IoT Forum community is focused on discovering innovation, exchanging knowledge, growing professional networks, and above all building partnerships across the ecosystem. Participants from around the world convene in Silicon Valley each month to meet startups, see demos, review new products, listen to case studies, and introduce buyers to sellers - both in person and virtually.

The community is engaged in an ongoing conversation, not a single event with keynote speakers who filter their comments. We welcome speakers, at no fee, to introduce what they are working on; and we welcome new members from among the expanding number of visionary companies who are committed to supporting the growth of the ecosystem and working with outside innovation.


The Internet of Things represents a massive opportunity for a wide range of companies - from existing giants to unheard of startups, and across a wide range of industries - from telecom and consumer electronics to cloud, IT and software.



Companies and individuals who are innovating in any part of the IoT ecosystem are welcome to join this community as:

  • Delegates and attendees are generally tech scouts, investors, and strategy experts.
  • Speakers include startups, established companies with new technology, technology users with use cases, and buyers from a variety of verticals.
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The Internet of Things is in its infancy. Companies who want to capture some of the massive growth in the future need to be diligently scouting for new technologies, new companies, and new services coming out the innovation ecosystem now - and be ready to jump on opportunities to partner. 

  IoT Forum helps...

  • Network operators capitalize on new services coming to their networks.
  • OEMs identify future customers, services, and markets.
  • Startups introduce their products and meet their customers.
  • Investors discover trends and opportunity before the mass market does.
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